About Believe (and the people behind it)

The Believe In Your Future website is part of a multi-faceted initiative of the Utah Council on Financial and Economic Education (UCFEE) to promote financial stability and economic education. This website is designed to give all Utahns access to useful and reliable information, tools, and resources to assist them with money-related issues that may arise over the course of their lives -- whether it is getting out of debt, looking for a job, getting married, saving for college or retirement, or buying a car or home.

The purpose of Believe In Your Future is to serve as a centralized, coordinated clearinghouse for this information, and to connect you with programs and resources to meet whatever financial challenges you may be facing. Please consider Believe In Your Future as your partner in pursuing your financial goals. Working together, we can build a strong and bright economic future for all Utahns.


UCFEE Members (as of February 2013):

Join us!

Believe is lead and staffed by the Utah State Treasurer's Office and AAA Fair Credit Foundation. If you're interested in joining us in this effort please contact any of the following:

David Damschen
Utah State Treasurer's Office
[email protected]

Bonny Steele
AAA Fair Credit Foundation
[email protected]